CSR Report and Annual Report 2014

Bringing joy to life

Veikkaus' operations bring joy to the lives of each and every one of us. More than half of the euros spent on Veikkaus games are returned to players as prizes and winnings. The proceeds from Veikkaus games are distributed to thousands of beneficiaries engaged in Finnish arts, sports, science and youth work. The hundreds of millions of euros distributed by the Ministry of Education and Culture bring joy to the lives of people everywhere in Finland – to all of us.

Veikkaus aims at promoting responsible gaming and sustainable growth. We invest especially in the development of electronic business and the product range. Our objective is to strengthen the emotional bond with our customers through better customer experience and beneficiary awareness.


For the common good

Veikkaus generates broad-ranging value to Finns. Veikkaus gives Finns the chance to participate in the creation of the common good by playing securely and reliably. We also offer Finns the opportunity to work towards the common good. Veikkaus indirectly employs tens of thousands of Finns.


CSR is at the very heart of Veikkaus’ strategy and actions in practice. Our customers can rely on us one hundred percent. Being responsible for our operations to society, we shall report on our operations widely and openly.


Veikkaus employees can rely on each other under any circumstances. Reliable operations also involve open interaction. Customers can always have confidence in the games Veikkaus offers.


Veikkaus wants its games, services and way of working to reflect creativity and enjoyment. The personnel are also encouraged to be innovative.