CSR Report and Annual Report 2014

A land of winners: the players of Veikkaus games make the lives of every one of us better

Many unforgettable experiences in arts and sports would never be experienced without the efficient use of the euros lost by players on Veikkaus games. The proceeds generated by Veikkaus also play a central role in the funding of youth work and science. Veikkaus funds ensure that we can invest in our common good future.

The players of Veikkaus games generate joy to all Finns while playing. Over EUR 500 million makes so many things possible that every Finn, irrespective of their place of residence and age, are winners of Veikkaus games. While Veikkaus games are only accessible to adults, the proceeds are enjoyed by every one of us.

Veikkaus funds are distributed to Finnish culture in accordance with the Funds Distribution Act passed by Parliament. According to the Act, 38.5 percent of the funds go to arts, 25.0 percent to sports, 17.5 percent to science, and 9.0 percent to youth work. In addition, the budget contains an annual allocation of 10.0 percent to be distributed to the above-mentioned beneficiaries as determined separately.

Veikkaus funds are the primary source of the Ministry of Education and Culture's funding of sports and youth work. They also account for about a half of the total funds allocated to the arts and a quarter of the funds to science.


Veikkaus’ proceeds make up the majority of the total funding by the Ministry of Education and Culture to sports and youth work. Veikkaus funds represent around half of the funding allocated to the arts and more than a third of science funding.


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