CSR Report and Annual Report 2014
GRI Table
GRI Content Included Links Remarks
1. Strategy and analysis
1.1 CEO’s review Yes CEO’s review
1.2 Key impacts, risks, and opportunities Yes Strategy
Responsible Operator
Risk management
Future outlook
2014 and 2015 objectives
2. Description of the organisation
2.1 Name of organisation Yes Accounting principles
2.2 Key products, services, and trademarks Yes Games
2.3 Operatiivinen rakenne Yes Organisation
2.4 Location of head office Yes Environmental responsibility
2.5 Geographic location of operations Yes Environmental responsibility Veikkaus operates in Finland
2.6 Ownership and legal form of the organisation Yes Corporate governance 2014
2.7 Description of the markets
2.8 Scope of the organisation's operations Yes Key figures
1. Turnover by games and game groups
2.9 Significant changes in the size, structure or ownership during the reporting period Yes Board of Directors’ Report 2014
2.10 Awards received in the reporting period Yes Preventing problem gambling Veikkaus’ advertisement film on problem gambling was awarded two prizes in 2014.
3. Reporting Principles
Description of the report
3.1 Reporting period Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.2 Publication of the previous report Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.3 Reporting frequency Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.4 Contact information Yes Content and boundary of the report
Content and scope of report
3.5 Defining the content of the report (materiality, topic priority and stakeholders using the report) Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.6 Scope and coverage of the report Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.7 Special limitations on the scope or coverage of the report Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.8 Principles applied when reporting joint ventures, subsidiaries, leased facilities and outsourced operations, and the comparability of information Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.9 Measurement and accounting principles Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.10 Explanation of re-statements Yes Content and boundary of the report
3.11 Significant changes in the scope or coverage of the report or in measurement methods Yes Content and boundary of the report
GRI content index
3.12 GRI content index Yes GRI table
3.13 Principles and practices of external assurance Yes Verified responsiblility
GRI table
4. Governance, commitments and interaction
4.1 Governance structure of the organisation Yes Corporate governance review 2014
Governing Bodies
4.2 Position of the Chairman of the Board Yes Governing Bodies
4.3 Independence of the Board members Yes Governing Bodies
4.4 Mechanisms for shareholders and employees to provide recommendations or direction to the highest governance body  Yes Governing Bodies
4.5 Impact of organisation's performance on compensation for the executives and the Board of Directors Yes Governing Bodies
4.6 Processes for avoiding conflicts of interest in Board work Yes Corporate Governance Code and deviations Veikkaus complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies in all of its operations.
4.7 Processes for determining Board members' expertise in strategic management and corporate social responsibility Yes Corporate Governance Code and deviations Veikkaus complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies in all of its operations.
Board of Directors
4.8 Mission, values and ethical principles Yes Veikkaus 2014-2015
Responsibility principles
4.9 Procedures of the Board for overseeing management of CSR performance, including risk management Yes Monitoring
4.10 Board's self-evaluation process Yes Governing bodies
External commitments
4.11 Application of the prudence concept Yes Risk management
4.12 Commitment to external initiatives Yes Environmental responsibility
Security and reliability
4.13 Memberships of organisations, associations, and lobbying organisations Yes Stakeholder cooperation
Stakeholder Engagement
4.14 The organisation's stakeholders Yes Stakeholder cooperation
4.15 Identification and selection of stakeholders Yes Stakeholder cooperation
4.16 Approaches to stakeholder engagement Yes Stakeholder cooperation
4.17 Key topics and concerns raised through stakeholder engagement Yes Stakeholder cooperation
Responsibility principles
Financial performance indicators
Management approach to financial responsibility Yes 2014 and 2015 objectives
Risk management
Financial performance
EC1* Economic Value Added (EVA) generated and distributed to stakeholders Partly The path of the Veikkaus euro
Profit distributed to Finns
Tax footprint
EC2* Financial implications, risks and opportunities associated with climate change No
EC3* Coverage of defined benefit plan obligations Partly 17. Liabilities from employee benefits
EC4* Government subsidies Yes No government subsidies were received during the reporting period.
EC5 Entry level wage compared to local minimum wage No
EC6* Policy and practices regarding local suppliers and the proportion of local suppliers No
EC7* Local hiring procedures and proportion of local senior management No
Indirect economic impacts
EC8* Investment infrastructure and service procurement for public benefit No
EC9 Indirect economic impacts Yes Profit distributed to Finns
Environmental performance indicators
Management approach to environmental responsibility Yes Environmental responsibility
CSR management and organisation
2014 and 2015 objectives
EN1* Materials used Partly Environmental responsibility
EN2* Recycled materials used No
EN3* Direct energy consumption No
EN4* Indirect energy consumption Partly Environmental responsibility
EN5 Savings from energy conservation and energy efficiency No
EN6 Initiatives and actions to develop energy-efficient or renewable energy based products and services No
EN7 Initiatives to reduce indirect energy consumption and the reductions achieved Partly Environmental responsibility
EN8* Water intake No
EN9 Water sources significantly affected by the organisation's water consumption No
EN10 Water recycling and reuse No
EN11* Land owned, leased or managed by the company in areas of high biodiversity or in protected areas Yes Veikkaus does not have land holdings in areas of high biodiversity or protected areas.
EN12* Significant impact of activities on protected areas or areas of high biodiversity No
EN13 Protected or restored habitats No
EN14 Strategies, actions and plans related to biodiversity No
EN15 Endangered species in areas affected by operations No
Emissions, effluents and waste
EN16* Total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions No
EN17* Other significant indirect greenhouse gas emissions No
EN18 Initiatives and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Partly Environmental responsibility
EN19* Emissions of ozone-depleting substances No
EN20* Nitrogen and sulphur oxides and other significant emissions by type No
EN21* Effluents and waste water by type No
EN22* Total amount of waste by type and disposal method No
EN23* Total number and volume of significant chemical, oil and fuel spills Yes Ei vuotoja raportointikaudella.
EN24 Volume of transported, imported, exported, or treated hazardous waste, and the proportion of hazardous waste transported across the border No
EN25 Water bodies affected by the organisation's effluents No
Products and services
EN26* Actions to mitigate the environmental impacts of products and services Partly Environmental responsibility
EN27* Proportion of products and their packaging materials recovered and recycled of all products sold, by category Partly Environmental responsibility
EN28* Significant fines and sanctions for non-compliance with environmental regulations and legislation Yes No fines or sanctions during the reporting period.
EN29 Major environmental impacts of transportation Partly Environmental responsibility
EN30 Total environmental protection expenditures and investments No
Social performance indicators
Employees and working conditions
Management approach to human resources Yes Personnel
Management and supervisors
CSR management and organisation
LA1* Total workforce by employment type (full or part time), employment contract (permanent or temporary) and region Yes Personnel key figures
LA2* Total number and rate of employee turnover by age group, gender and region Partly Personnel key figures
LA3 Benefits to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees Yes Occupational wellbeing
Employee-management relations
LA4* Employees covered by collective labour agreements Yes Personnel key figures
LA5* Minimum notice period regarding operational changes Yes Cooperation
Occupational health and safety
LA6 Percentage of employees represented on joint health and safety committees Yes Occupational wellbeing
LA7* Rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, fatalities and absenteeism Partly Personnel key figures
LA8* Education and information on serious diseases, provided for employees, their families and the local community Partly Occupational wellbeing
LA9 Health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions No
Training and education
LA10* Average training hours per year per employee Partly Personnel key figures
LA11 Competence development and lifelong learning programmes Yes Development of personnel
LA12 Employees covered by regular performance and career development reviews Yes Personnel key figures
Diversity and equal opportunities
LA13* Diversity in governance bodies and employee categories Yes Personnel key figures
LA14* Ratio of basic salary of men to women by employee category No
Human rights
Management approach to human rights Yes Equal opportunities
CSR management and organisation
Investment and procurement practices
HR1* Inclusion of human rights clauses in investment agreements and investment-related human rights assessments No
HR2* Proportion of significant suppliers and contractors that have undergone a human rights assessment and have been affected by the resulting actions No
HR3 Employee training on policies and procedures concerning human rights No
HR4* Incidents of discrimination and actions taken Yes No incidents during the reporting period.
Freedom of association and collective bargaining
HR5* Operations identified in which the right to exercise collective bargaining may be at significant risk Yes Veikkaus' operations do not involve risks that would endanger freedom of association and right to collective bargaining. Veikkaus operates in Finland and complies with the laws of Finland.
Child labour
HR6* Operations identified as being at significant risk of involving child labour and prevention measures taken Yes Veikkaus' own operations do not involve risks of child labour.
Forced and compulsory labour
HR7* Operations identified as bearing a significant risk of the use of forced or compulsory labour and the prevention measures taken Yes Veikkaus' own operations do not involve risks of forced or compulsory labour.
Security practices
HR8 Number of personnel trained in human rights policies and practices No
Indigenous rights
HR9 Incidents involving rights of indigenous people and actions taken No
Management approach to society 2014 and 2015 objectives
CSR management and organisation
Risk management
Security and reliability
Verified responsibility
Actions against corruption
Tools to control gaming
Local communities
SO1* Assessment of impacts on local communities and impact management programmes Partly Peluuri
SO2* Percentage and total number of business units analysed for corruption No
SO3* Percentage of employees trained in anti-corruption policies and procedures No
SO4* Actions taken in response to incidents of corruption Yes No incidents during the reporting period.
Public Policy
SO5* Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying No
SO6 Contributions to political parties, politicians and related institutions Yes Veikkaus does not grant contributions to political parties
SO7 Legal actions associated with non-compliance with anti-trust laws, cartels and misuse of market dominance Yes No legal actions during the reporting period.
SO8* Significant fines and sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations Yes No fines or sanctions during the reporting period.
Product responsibility
Management approach to product responsibility 2014 and 2015 objectives
Product development
Verified responsibility
Security and reliability
Supervision of gaming activities
Customer health and safety
PR1* Assessment of product health and safety impacts Yes Product development
PR2 Non-compliance with regulations concerning product health and safety impacts Yes No incidents during the reporting period.
Product labelling
PR3* Required information on products and services, and the percentage of major products and services to which the requirement applies Partly Product development
PR4 Non-compliance with regulations concerning product information and labelling and with voluntary codes Yes Games No incidents during the reporting period.
PR5 Practices related to customer satisfaction and results of customer satisfaction surveys Yes Registered players
Marketing communications
PR6* Adherence to laws, standards and voluntary codes related to marketing communications, advertising, promotion and sponsorship Yes Social responsibility
PR7 Non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning marketing communications, advertising, and sponsorshipmainontaan javoluntary codes concerning marketingcommunications, advertising, and sponsorship Yes A reclamation from the Council of Ethics in Advertising concerningan ad for betting on the FIFA World Cup received on 27 August 2014.
Customer privacy protection
PR8 Complaints regarding breachesof customer privacy andlosses of customer data Yes No incidents during the reporting period.
PR9* Fines for non-complianceconcerning the provisionand use of products and services Yes No fines or sanctionsduring the reporting period.
* GRI Core indicator