CSR Report and Annual Report 2014

Responsible profit maker bringing joy to all Finns

Successful operations can only be based on a wide customer base and general acceptance of gaming. We want to offer our customers a range of entertaining and responsible games, meeting our customers' expectations while ensuring that any harm related to gaming is minimised.

The justification of the exclusive right – preventing the detriments of gaming and fighting crime – is assured by Veikkaus’ own measures to advance responsible gaming. Achieving business goals, we need to live up to our well-deserved responsible corporate image. Our objective is to attain a steady growth of the profit, securing the beneficiaries’ operational prerequisites even in the future.

Responsibility meaningful to stakeholders and Veikkaus

The Executive Team is in charge of the focal points of CSR at Veikkaus. At the end of 2014 we updated the materiality assessment of Veikkaus’ CSR. It involved considering the various aspects of CSR from the perspective of all of our stakeholders and the company. Whilst choosing the perspectives, we paid attention to the results of the extensive stakeholder survey carried out in the autumn. We also considered Veikkaus’ updated strategy and the 7 Matches principles of responsibility that had been outlined in the year before. A large number of Veikkaus’ expert employees participated in the update of the key priorities.

Key CSR priorities and Veikkaus’ stakeholders