CSR Report and Annual Report 2014

Veikkaus develops its games responsibly to meet the customers’ needs

Veikkaus’ objective is to develop versatile game offerings that Finns find interesting, and to respond to the changing consumption habits. A portfolio of games that has been designed in a customer-oriented and responsible way ensures that Finns will continue to be interested in Veikkaus games even in the future.

Veikkaus’ strategy aims at serving different player-customers optimally, by meeting their personal expectations. We promise to offer our customers an interesting, innovative, easy-to-use, entertaining, and responsible portfolio of games.

In 2014 Veikkaus introduced an entirely new type of a game, as the Neighbours was launched in May. The players enter the game by giving their address, and only Veikkaus’ registered customers can enter. The jackpot is drawn among all the entries, but the smaller prizes are distributed according to the player’s distance from the winner of the jackpot. Neighbours is drawn every day.

Finland’s most popular game Lotto was revamped in June 2014. Lotto’s prize tiers were made simpler and a voluntary Double-Up feature of an additional price of EUR 0.25 was introduced. The Double-Up feature gives a chance to win any prize – even the jackpot – double as big.

The sports game players’ favourite Fixed Odds Betting was overhauled in May 2014. The number of betting objects was multiplied and the number of special objects and new series of objects was increased significantly. Most of the objects in Fixed Odds Betting are currently available as single objects.

Responsible gaming also involves the prevention of the drawbacks of gaming. The product development process includes an assessment of the products and services from a responsibility perspective, from the moment the idea is born to the stage when it is developed into a final product.

Lotto, Keno, and Fixed Odds Betting continued as the most popular games

Veikkaus’ three most popular games, Lotto, Keno, and Fixed Odds Betting generate over half of the company’s turnover. Lotto and Keno are in a class of their own: Lotto’s sales represented 22.0 percent and Keno’s 20.1 percent of Veikkaus’ total turnover.

Finns played Lotto for a total of EUR 431.1 million (–10.3%). The decline in Lotto’s sales was due to, e.g., fewer natural rollover jackpots.

The multinational Eurojackpot’s top prize was landed in Finland three times during 2014 (on rounds 14/2014, 37/2014, and 52/2014). Eurojackpot’s sales went up by 50.8% over the year before. Finns played Eurojackpot for EUR 160.5 million in 2014.

Besides Eurojackpot, a group of games to increase its popularity in particular was that of the eInstants. Their turnover went up to EUR 119.3 million (+71.0%) during the year under review.

Veikkaus’ second most popular game Keno increased its turnover slightly. Finns played Keno for about 394.2 million (+2.8%) in 2014.

The sports games posted a total turnover of EUR 427.8 million (+5.9%). The most popular sports game was Fixed Odds Betting, which Finns played for about EUR 216.6 million (+9.1 %) in 2014. The increase was boosted especially by the Sochi Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in June.

Over one billion euros to players in prizes

Over a half of the euros spent on Veikkaus games are returned to the players as prizes. The prize payout to players amounted to nearly EUR 1.1 billion in 2014, which is 7.2% more than in the year before. A total of 106.7 million prizes (+9.0%) of different amounts were paid, i.e. the players won about 292 000 times every day.

Product information and rules available on different channels

The product information on Veikkaus products and services, required by the Consumer Protection Act, is available to the customers on playslips and game instructions at the points of sale and in the web store veikkaus.fi.

The Ministry of the Interior approves the game rules by application. The approved rules are available to the public at the points of sale. The rules can also be found in Finnish at the web store's game pages under Information and rules.