CSR Report and Annual Report 2014

Celebratory year full of causes for joy

Veikkaus games have already turned Finns into winners for 75 years.

It was the Swedes’ frighteningly good success in sports that triggered the founding of Veikkaus’ predecessor Oy Tippaustoimisto Ab. It was founded on 17 July 1940 by the Finnish National Sports Federation, the Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation, and the Football Association of Finland.

First there was just a single game: 4 September was the day the first Football Pools coupons were played. The famous Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi demonstrated to the public how the coupons should be filled in. The first object was an international athletics competition between Finland, Sweden, and Germany. On the opening round, up to 140,000 columns were filled in for the worth of nearly 300,000 Finnish marks.

In the early years, the proceeds were distributed to beneficiaries within sports and physical education. More recently, arts, science, and youth work have joined the beneficiaries.

During Veikkaus 75, our celebratory year, we want to shed even more light on the things that the proceeds from Veikkaus games generate and that can be enjoyed by all Finns. For making the good things possible, we wish to thank our customers and game sales staff by organizing events and happenings all over Finland during our celebratory year.
Read more about Veikkaus 75 > www.veikkaus.fi/oletvoittaja.