CSR Report and Annual Report 2014

Corporate Governance review 2014

Veikkaus' mission is to generate broad-ranging value for Finnish society by operating games reliably and responsibly. Veikkaus is a state-owned limited liability company that operates in the administrative sector of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The State's commitment to the company's liabilities is equal to its shareholding, and its role is limited to the responsibilities of a shareholder.

Veikkaus' corporate governance is based on the Lotteries Act (1047/2001), the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, and the company's Articles of Association. Veikkaus’ exclusive right to operate lotteries, betting, and pools games is laid down by the Lotteries Act. The gaming activities are regulated by virtue of the Government Decree on Gaming Activities and the Ministry of the Interior Decree on the Rules of Play.

Veikkaus has also adopted the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2010, in addition to which the company’s activities are guided by the effective guidelines and principles issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture on Corporate Governance.